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✕  Julian Ham

✕  Hi, I’m Julian and I have a passion for working with businesses and entrepreneurs in developing their brand’s design and strategy.

✕  Driven by creativity and organization, I strive to utilize my tools to serve and educate as I’m able to aid clients in gaining recognition and interest with sound design and marketing techniques.

✕  I love taking on new challenges in different areas and niches of business and being able to pull from previous experiences to solve problems for each person or organization I work with.

✕  Interested in working with me on your latest project or endeavor? Feel free to contact me below for a consultation and I’d be more than happy to speak with you and discuss your brand and some of your goals.

  • Adobe Photoshop 81% 81%
  • Adobe Illustrator 72% 72%
  • Adobe InDesign 54% 54%
  • WordPress 72% 72%

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